Physical & mental health

Physical health problems and long-term conditions make mental health problems worse, and vice versa. We're finding ways to fix this by researching how these complex needs can be met together including setting up liaison psychiatry teams and integrating therapy with GP services.

Equally Well

A collaborative to support the physical health of people with a mental illness

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Co-morbidities: physical health and mental health problems together

The cost to the health system and to wider society of mental health problems among people with physical illnesses is considerable.

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"Parity of esteem"

Parity of esteem is the principle by which mental health must be given equal priority to physical health. There are however many areas where parity of esteem has not yet been realised.

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Liaison psychiatry

Psychiatric liaison services provide mental health care to people being treated for physical health conditions in general hospitals.

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Tackling the ‘time bombs’ in children’s health

Blaming individuals for child obesity may be making the problem worse and jeopardising children's wellbeing


A slow emergence into something new - life after cancer

David reflects on his gradual psychological recovery from cancer


The unspoken frontier: meeting the emotional needs of people with cancer

Moira from Macmillan Cancer Support looks at what is needed to support the mental health of people facing cancer