Children & families

1 in 5 children experience a mental health problem at some point during childhood, but many do not get effective, timely support. Take a look at how we're working to change this

Children of the millennium

Behavioural problems are the most common form of child mental health difficulty, and can put children at risk of a lifetime of disadvantage


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Fact sheet: Children and young people's mental health

Key stats and facts about children and young people's mental health in one handy fact sheet.

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Child behavioural issues

Around 5% of children have conduct disorder. Parenting programmes are really effective at helping these families to improve their lives and futures.

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Investing in children's mental health

A wide range of interventions improve children's mental health but also lead to substantial economic benefits.

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Centre for Mental Health appoints new Head of Children and Young People’s Mental Health

We're delighted that Kadra Abdinasir will be leading the Centre's work to improve mental health support for children and young people


Early help for children’s mental health: implications of the Children’s Commissioner’s report

Andy welcomes an increase in funding but highlights the wide variations in investment between local areas


Can social media help young people’s emotional wellbeing?

Andy asks whether we are missing an important opportunity to use social media as an ally for young people's mental health


Living with bipolar 1 disorder: Eleanor's story

Eleanor reflects on her diagnosis as a teenager and what has helped her to manage her mental health