Pregnant women and new mothers across almost half of the UK do not have access to specialist perinatal mental health services, potentially leaving them and their babies at risk.
The 'pursuit of happiness' must become an explicit and measurable goal of government if the £105 billion annual cost of mental illness in England is to be reduced, according to a report published by a group of leading mental health experts.
Successful implementation of liaison and diversion will depend on local services offering effective and engaging support to people of all ages who are diverted.
Risk and safety are rightly major concerns in mental health care but traditional methods of assessing risk have stood in the way of helping people to recover.
A Care Quality Commission survey showing that a third of hospital 'places of safety' do not accept children and young people is a major cause for concern and requires concerted action.
A new report, published by BACP in collaboration with the Centre for Mental Health and Women’s Breakout, has revealed a reassuring breadth and depth in the mental health interventions available at women's community centres in the UK.
Cutting early intervention in psychosis (EIP) services puts young people at risk of worse health and poorer life chances.