Substance abuse and addiction among ex-Service personnel: Veteran’s Mental Health Research Programme issues a call for research proposals

Centre for Mental Health’s partner Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) has issued its first highlight notice under its recently launched multi-million pound Mental Health Research Programme, a 5-year programme established to encourage high quality research in the field of veterans’ and their families’ mental health.

The aim of this highlight notice is to encourage applications through the Mental Health Research Programme (MHRP), a collaboration with Centre for Mental Health and King’s Centre for Military Health Research. The notice encourages applications that propose innovative ways to understand and address substance misuse and addiction amongst ex-Service personnel. This includes alcohol, legal and illegal drug use, addictive behaviours and the impact on former Armed Forces personnel and their families.

The notice highlights the need to address the causes of alcohol and substance misuse, the effectiveness of alcohol-related interventions and the relationship of alcohol consumption to other mental health conditions, as well as issues associated with long term misuse and dependency. Beyond alcohol, the notice includes recreational drug use, self-medication, addictive behaviours and misuse of prescription medicines or ‘body enhancement’ substances by ex-Service personnel.

Full details of the highlight notice and other funding opportunities relating to the veterans’ Mental Health Research Programme can be found on the Forces in Mind Trust website

For more information on the Mental Health Research Programme, and the Centre's work on military veterans click here

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