We are excited and proud to announce that our IPS course "Doing what works" is now accredited and certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles (Certificate number A014503).

Written by Nicola Oliver at Centre for Mental Health over seven years ago and regularly updated, the course trains Employment Specialists how to embed the 8 principles of Individual Placement and Support (IPS) into their everyday work supporting people with severe mental illness into sustainable, competitive employment.

Once you have received our training and established your IPS service, we can independently review your service against the UK IPS Fidelity scale. Those who achieve a good or exemplary score may be invited to become a Centre of Excellence. Employment specialists in UK IPS Centres of Excellence successfully support 50% of clients into paid employment, irrespective of the severity of their diagnosis or additional substance misuse.

The training covers:

  • The eight principles of IPS
  • Marketing the IPS service
  • The research evidence for the effectiveness of IPS
  • Working with the NHS clinical teams to obtain referrals
  • Integrating the clinical and employment teams
  • Providing benefits advice
  • Vocational profiling and ongoing assessment
  • Vocational action planning with the service user
  • Collaborating with other employment agencies
  • Developing relationships with potential employers
  • Job carving
  • Overcoming barriers to employment
  • Disclosure of mental health history
  • Providing on-going support for the employer and the service user
  • Case studies
  • Overcoming local challenges and issues
  • Ongoing personal development as an employment specialist

Testimonials from this course

“The IPS Doing What Works course is a good starting point for any team looking to set up a successful IPS service. As a newcomer to the Individual Placement and Support model, I left the course feeling that I understood the principles and methodology behind IPS and that I had learned many useful tools that would help me in my role and, more importantly, help my clients”

Jennifer Taylor, Employment Specialist, Essex Partnership

“It was great to meet so many experienced people. I managed to learn quite a lot during those two days. I was really inspired by what other people and the trainers were saying”

Marta North, Richmond Fellowship


The full list of upcoming training courses is here. For further information about the course or to train a group exclusively at your organisation, please contact Zak Palmer on 07887422128 or email courses@centreformentalhealth.org.uk