IPS training for employment specialists

The Centre runs a variety of training courses which benefit IPS employment specialists, clinical teams, vocational team leaders and vocational managers. 

Centre for Mental Health courses include:

  • Doing what works: Training for employment specialists: Trains employment specialists to use IPS principles to increase paid job outcomes for people with mental health conditions

  • Motivational Interviewing: Teaches practical techniques for helping people into employment through reducing internal barriers and negative attitudes, improving confidence and helping them to access their own resources

  • Engaging with employers: Develops employer networking skills and your 'employer engagement toolkit'

  • Understanding the changing UK benefits system: Determining relevant benefits and return to work incentives for service users, permitted work, and calculating eligibility (In-house only)

Training for team leaders and managers?

If you are considering or starting a new employment or IPS service, we can work with your senior team to introduce them to IPS, the IPS Fidelity Scale and implementing an IPS service.

Several people to train?

Book an in-house course at your office / venue

All of our courses can take place at your venue. This is more cost-effective for larger groups with the added benefit that the courses can be tailored to your organisation's requirements. You provide the venue and refreshments; we provide the trainers and materials.

We can also create bespoke courses to meet your organisation’s needs. For more information on all our training courses please contact:

Zak Palmer

Tel: 020 7717 1558

Email: [email protected]