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It's Time For Action

Mental health inequalities are unjust and unnecessary. Too often, people facing poverty, racism and exclusion are more likely to have worse mental health and – when they do get help – have the poorest experiences of support.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time for action.

Creating mental health equality requires action at every level: from communities and localities to national government. Our report, Mental Health for All?, sets out a ten-point plan to help create a system designed for equality.

Now we want action, not words. We want this report to spur action. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how urgently we need to tackle mental health inequality.


How you can help

We need your help to bring this to the attention of national and local leaders across the country. We want to ensure that our call for mental health equality gets heard and that action is taken. So we’re asking you to email your MP to ask them to take action towards the report’s recommendations.

  1. Find out who your local MP is and how to contact them here.
  2. Send your MP an email, calling on them to take action. We have written a template email which you can use as it is (and just add your signature) or you can personalise to include your own experiences. You could write about how mental health inequality has affected you, the people you know or the place you live in. The template text is below.
  3. Share on social media. If you use social media and want to share your email with others, share on social using the hashtag #EqualityInMentalHealth. Tweet about it here.

It’s time to say enough is enough when it comes to mental health inequality. Please join us in writing to your MP and asking them to stand up for mental health equality.

Template text for your email

To: [Find your local MP here]

Email subject: Will you stand up for equality in mental health?

Dear [MP],

As my MP I’m asking you to help tackle entrenched mental health inequalities in the UK.

Research from the charity Centre for Mental Health shows that some of us are much more likely to experience mental health problems than others. Inequalities exist around gender, ethnicity, poverty, sexual orientation, neurodiversity and disability. And these inequalities combine, overlap and magnify when we are doubly or trebly disadvantaged. The report shows that too often those of us at greatest risk find services the least accessible and – when we do get help – have the poorest experiences of support. (Check out the Centre's factsheet here.)

The Centre’s report calls for a ‘system designed for equality in mental health’. It demonstrates that this system is possible but only when communities, local councils, public services and national government work together to fight for mental health equality. To make this happen, we need leadership from national government: to commit to close the gaps and take action to prevent mental health problems.

It’s time for action. As a Member of Parliament, you can make a difference by:

  • Committing to understand and address mental health inequalities in our constituency
  • Supporting initiatives already happening locally to tackle mental health inequalities
  • Asking the Government what its plans are across departments (not just in the NHS) for achieving mental health equality
  • Working to tackle racism, discrimination and exclusion in all forms
  • Urging the Government to tackle poverty and reduce income and wealth inequality

Mental health inequalities affect individuals, communities and society as a whole. Please stand up for equality in our community and nationally.

[Your name]

[Your address]


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