Tackling Long-term conditions: Coordinating care, delivering improvements

29 October 2014, London

To tackle the scale and prevalence of long-term conditions will require service transformation, integration of care and innovative systems. The NHS Mandate set out plans to help people with long-term conditions live healthily and independently.

What progress has been made to ensure that people have the skills to manage their own health, that they have a care plan that is based on their personal needs and that the care they receive is coordinated?

Andy Bell, our Deputy chief Executive, will be speaking at this conference.

For more information, visit the conference website.

The Third Annual Mental Health Conference

4th December 2014, London

Mental health is moving up the policy agenda across government; £400m have been invested in improving access to psychological therapies and £16m in tackling mental health stigma and discrimination through the Time to Change campaign.

GovKnow's Third Annual Mental Health Conference will bring together policy makers, drivers, experts, carers and service users to further discuss and debate key issues and evaluate best practice solutions for the future. Key topics for discussion include:

  • Prioritising Mental Health in Public Health
  • Regulating Mental Health Services – Inspecting for Quality
  • Offender Mental Health – A Priority in the Justice System
  • A Supportive Society – Equal Opportunities for Mental Health Service Users
  • Delivering on Dementia
  • Supporting Children and Young People with Mental Health Illnesses
  • The Future of Mental Health Services

Sean Duggan, our Chief Executive, will be chairing this conference.

For more information and to book, visit the GovKnow website at: http://govknow.com/event-detail.html?id=933.

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