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Fidelity Reviews

Centre for Mental Health offer independent Fidelity Reviews of IPS services. Those who achieve a good or exemplary score may be invited to become a Centre of Excellence™. 

Our Fidelity Reviews are priced from:

  • £2,450 + VAT for initial review
  • £1000 + VAT for re-reviews for Centres of Excellence

The paperwork we will need to see before the day is listed below:


Self-assessment and regular review of action plans are excellent methods for continuously improving IPS services. However, most commissioners now require providers to assure the quality of IPS services through independent review. An Independent Fidelity Review by Centre for Mental Health will confirm the scoring of your service according to the IPS Fidelity Scale.

By working with Centre for Mental Health as an independent partner, you will have access to a team of experts who bring up-to-date knowledge of national and international best practice and can benchmark your services against similar provision across the UK.

During an independent Fidelity Review by the Centre, we will:

  • Examine documentary evidence
  • Interview clinicians, service users, employment specialists, team leaders and NHS senior staff
  • Substantiate your score against the IPS Fidelity Scale
  • Assure the quality of the organisation and delivery of your IPS service


IPS Centres of Excellence

The aim of a Fidelity Review is to identify examples of best practice, and to inform the IPS site’s quality improvement action plan.

Centre for Mental Health brought the Centres of Excellence network together in response to requests to see best practice in operation. We created a platform to recognise providers of high fidelity IPS as beacon sites, to share their experience and best practice with new start-ups. See our list of  IPS Centres of Excellence.


The IPS Fidelity Scale

The Fidelity Scale is the translation of the eight principles into 25 items that a service can be scored against. The higher the score, the greater the quality of the IPS service and the higher the expected job outcomes. The Fidelity Scale is an excellent tool for:

  • Designing an Individual Placement and Support service
  • Determining the extent to which an existing employment service is an IPS service
  • Identifying the potential causes of a poorly performing employment service


Self assess your service prior to our review

You can use the UK IPS Fidelity Scale to self-assess your service. Self-assessment is a good start for establishing which areas you need to improve on to become an IPS service.

Once you are scoring a good to high fidelity, you may want Centre for Mental Health to independently review your service. An independent Fidelity Review assures Trusts, Providers and Commissioners of the effectiveness of your organisation and delivery of IPS.

You can download the UK version of the IPS Fidelity Scale in its entirety via the link towards the top of this page. Please feel free to self-assess your service.

For each item score your service 1-5; you can achieve a maximum of 125 points. Base your scoring on the actual evidence you have, not on what you would like to do, or what you plan to do in the future.

Please contact courses@centreformentalhealth.org.uk for more information and to arrange a Fidelity Review.

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