Centre for Mental Health is working in partnership with Samaritans to investigate pathways in and around primary care for people who are not in contact with secondary mental health services but are at risk of losing their lives through suicide.

We know that many people who die through suicide have contact with their GP or other health professionals in the weeks and months before their death and early help can offer people the support they need to save their life.

With generous funding from Investigo, we are exploring:        

  • What is being done in primary care services across the UK to identify people who are at risk of suicide.
  • What early help is being offered by primary care services to people who are having suicidal thoughts or feelings but are not at immediate risk or have a diagnosable mental illness, which limits the options for traditional services.

Early help may be provided by the NHS, local authorities or voluntary sector organisations and may be in many forms, from community based services to online support. Crucially it will seek to support people who have been in contact with primary care services who face a risk of suicide without effective support.

We want to find out what is working well and to understand why. To do this, we will be reviewing relevant literature as well as learning from the innovative approaches that are shared with us and visiting sites demonstrating promising practice.

If you are a primary care service provider or commissioner and have information or practice examples that you would like to share with us, please get in touch with Lauren Bear at [email protected].


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