What we know about successful interventions. A progress review.

7 June 2010

Common Mental Health Problems at Work examines recent international research evidence on how to help people with depression and anxiety to stay in work or to return after a period of ill health.

In 2005, the British Occupational Health Research Foundation (BOHRF) published a systematic evidence review of published evidence for effective interventions that help people with these conditions to remain in or return to work.

This paper presents the results of an update of that review. We have reviewed the findings of the updated evidence against the backdrop of recent developments in policy and practice, as well as an increasing understanding and concern about the human and economic costs associated with mental health problems and work.

It confirms that people with common mental health problems do not have to be completely well to return to work. For many, going back to work actually helps their recovery.

Audience: commissioners, CCGs, employment services.

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There are two supplementary papers available to accompany the report. One details the methodology and the other lists the reviews studied. You can download both below.

Download the Review methodology (439 KB)

Download the list of studies in the Review (425 KB)