Mental Health Taskforce - Five Year Forward View

At the start of 2016, the independent Mental Health Taskforce published its Five Year Forward View for mental health in England. 

The Taskforce report set out a broad and ambitious agenda for improving mental health support, from enhancing prevention to developing services for people with severe mental health conditions. It called for widespread reform of mental health services, better links with physical health and improved help with employment. 

How we can help you

Centre for Mental Health can work with local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and mental health service providers to help them to deliver the promises of this major report. Our research identified much of the evidence used by the Taskforce to develop its priorities. Our independence means we can work with local areas dispassionately to apply high quality evidence to practice. And our expert team can help you to understand local needs and how they can be met more effectively.

Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs)

Also this year, all local health economies are required to create Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs). These five-year plans are intended to guide local areas to make their health and care systems more efficient and to deliver better support. Our research has already shown that improving mental health support is essential to make the NHS more efficient, effective and equitable. Nationally, the NHS spends an extra £14 billion a year on untreated mental ill health.

How we can help you

Centre for Mental Health can work with local health economies to ensure that mental health support is embedded in Sustainability and Transformation Plans, not on the margins but as a key component, offering better care and making the NHS work more cost-effectively.

For more information about how the Centre can help local areas to improve mental health support and become more sustainable, please contact Jan Hutchinson at

Last updated 09/04/2018