Emma Bailey


Campaigns Lead

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Emma project manages & coordinates the Mental Health Challenge for Local Authorities, Equally Well UK and the Commission for Equality in Mental Health. She creates our eye-catching infographics and produces effective communication tools for our campaigns. Emma builds relationships with our campaign members and keeps them up to date with key information. She also manages the campaigns’ social media platforms and websites, and designs and produces resources for each campaign.

Emma also leads on our media work alongside Andy Bell, writing press releases and liaising with the media to ensure our work reaches the right audiences to highlight our research and create change.

Emma joined the Centre in Autumn 2013, and has managed our events, worked on our website and social media platforms, and designed our materials. And as the coordinator for the Mental Health Challenge, she has managed the development of the Challenge website, worked with Champions (local councillors) from across the country and developed resources to help the Champions in their role.

Emma has lots of experience in design, public affairs and media, having worked for Cruse Bereavement Care, the Tate, NHS PCC events and the Open University. With a degree in textiles and pattern surface design from Leeds University, Emma still has a passion for art and design which ensures that our research findings are communicated in a clear and engaging way.


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