Our purpose


Centre for Mental Health is a charity with over 30 years’ experience in providing life changing research, economic analysis and policy influence in mental health. Over the last decade, our work has expanded to include physical health, wellbeing, inequality and multiple disadvantage across the life course.

We are international thought leaders contributing to innovation and groundbreaking health and social change. By disentangling complex experiences and finding big ideas that can be shared, we have developed a reputation as the people who make sense and can provide evidence that helps and makes a difference in real time and in real life.


To understand mental illness, to promote mental health and wellbeing, and to challenge inequality and disadvantage throughout the life course.

  • We drive through change and improvement to policy and practice
  • We amplify the real experiences of those most affected by health inequality and mental health stigma and discrimination
  • We shine a light on world class services and innovation through research, consultancy and evaluation


  • We work alongside partners using a side by side consultancy and research model
  • We provide the highest quality health economics analysis
  • We produce and communicate our world class reports and findings across agencies and communities
  • We offer responsive, brave and relevant thought leadership for policy makers and collaborators


We will cease to exist when equality for mental health is no longer considered out of our reach, and when people receive the best understanding and intervention wherever they live, whenever they need it and without shame.


  • We work across political, health and social boundaries, organisations and constructs
  • We are values led and inspired by difference and diversity
  • We know that even in the most established status quo change is possible if we make the best case
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Let’s get better mental health support for all

The coronavirus pandemic is a physical health emergency on a global scale, such as we have never seen in our lifetimes. But it is also a mental health emergency.

We are taking action to help those at the frontline of this mental health crisis.

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