Making recovery a reality in forensic settings

Forensic settings are probably among the most difficult places to think of applying recovery principles. This briefing aims to discuss the challenges, address their implications and describe current best practice.Read more

Risk, safety and recovery

Risk, Safety and Recovery argues that risk and safety are rightly major concerns in mental health care but that traditional clinical management methods of assessing risk have stood in the way of helping people to recover their lives.Read more

Investing in recovery

This report provides the most up-to-date economic evidence to support the business case for investment in effective, recovery-focused services.Read more

Supporting recovery in mental health services: quality and outcomes

In order for services to support recovery, we need clear, empirically informed statements of what constitutes high-quality services and how these will lead to key recovery outcomes.Read more

The team recovery implementation plan

A TRIP aims to empower teams to translate recovery ideas into practice and to use the skills and resources of everyone to develop innovative ways of promoting recovery.Read more

Peer support workers: a practical guide to implementation

This guide sets out four phases for an organisation looking to introduce peer worker posts: preparation; recruitment; employment; and ongoing development.Read more

Making recovery a reality in your community

This briefing urges commissioners to tackle the poorly integrated support received by those with overlapping mental health, drug and alcohol needs.Read more

Recovery: a carer's perspective

This briefing paper suggests ways in which informal carers can support recovery and looks at how mental health services can give the best possible help to do this.Read more

Peer support workers: theory and practice

This paper examines the concepts and principles of peer support and presents examples from organisations which now have peers in their workforce.Read more

Peer support in mental health care: is it good value for money?

This paper makes a first attempt at assessing whether peer support provides value for money, looking specifically at whether peer support workers can reduce psychiatric inpatient bed use.Read more