Collaborative Care

The coexistence of mental and physical health problems requires a whole-person approach to intervention. The best evidence points to the Collaborative Care model.Read more

Traumatic brain injury and offending

Over a million people in the UK live with the consequences of traumatic brain injury, at a cost to the economy of around £15 billion a year.Read more

Outcomes and performance in liaison psychiatry

Psychiatric service models that seek to bring its benefits to the people in our acute care hospitals and medical and surgical care pathways have struggled to defend their value for the want of adequate measures of outcome.Read more

Managing patients with complex needs

Improving mental health care for people with complex needs can reduce pressures on GPs and hospitals as well as dramatically improving people's lives.Read more

A place for parity

Most of England's Health and Wellbeing Boards are prioritising at least one mental health issue in their strategies but almost one in ten has ignored them entirely.Read more

Bridging the gap

A rebalancing of health and care resources is needed to ensure no one is denied the mental or physical health care they need.Read more

Liaison psychiatry in the modern NHS

Liaison Psychiatry in the Modern NHS suggests that liaison psychiatry services can save an average hospital £5 million a year by reducing the number and length of admissions to beds.Read more

Long term conditions and mental health: the cost of co-morbidities

Patients with a long-term condition and co-existing mental health issue face poorer clinical outcomes and a significantly lower quality of life than people with a physical health problem alone.Read more

Economic evaluation of a liaison psychiatry service

This report examines the costs and benefits of an award-winning service based at Birmingham City Hospital. The service offers comprehensive, round-the-clock mental health support to all adult patients in the hospital.Read more

A label for exclusion

This policy paper identifies areas and practical examples of how the commissioning and delivery of alcohol interventions for offenders in the community might be developed.Read more