Mental health in the West Midlands Combined Authority

We worked with the University of Birmingham to analyse the economic costs of mental health problems in the West Midlands, to shape the West Midlands Combined Authority's action plan.Read more

Supporting carers

The Care Act, carers' assessments and their impact on mental health carersRead more

Immigration Removal Centres in England

We analysed the mental health needs of people detained in Immigration Removal Centres.Read more

Meeting the need

We explored how five local councils went about understanding the mental health needs of their communities, to meet these needs more effectively.Read more

Traumatic brain injury and offending

Over a million people in the UK live with the consequences of traumatic brain injury, at a cost to the economy of around £15 billion a year.Read more

Implementing mental health policy: some lessons from recent history

Recent history shows that implementing mental health policy as intended is never straightforward. The hard work starts now.Read more

Priorities for mental health: Economic report for the NHS England Mental Health Taskforce

Following the Taskforce report’s publication last month, Priorities for mental health sets out nine areas for service improvement where there is good evidence of cost-effective interventions.Read more

Improving England's mental health: the first 100 days and beyond

Our plan for what the Government must do the first 100 days of the new Parliament to improve the lives of people with mental health problems.Read more

Secure care: a briefing note

Secure mental health services provide accommodation, treatment and support for people with severe mental health problems who pose a risk to the public.Read more

A place for parity

Most of England's Health and Wellbeing Boards are prioritising at least one mental health issue in their strategies but almost one in ten has ignored them entirely.Read more