IPS in the UK

Using Individual Placement and Support to help people with mental health difficulties to find and keep workRead more

Employment in mind

Our report found that ex-Service personnel with a serious mental health condition are nearly three times more likely to find and stay in work, if they are supported through Individual Placement and Support (IPS).Read more

Briefing 48: Employment support & addiction: what works

More people with drug or alcohol addiction can be helped into employment with the right support, according to our research.Read more

Supporting offenders into employment: a briefing note

IPS is a tried and tested approach to help people with mental health problems into employment. We are currently testing whether it can meet the specific needs of offenders.Read more

Briefing 47: Barriers to employment

Many people who require some support to get into work, especially those with mental health problems, the right to employment support is not being offered and numerous barriers remain.Read more

Briefing 44: Implementing what works

The results of our test of using regional trainers to speed up the development and efficacy of IPS within local services.Read more

Managing presenteeism

Presenteeism is hugely costly to employers, but all too often ignored. Managing it well saves money but also contributes to the development of an engaged and productive workforce.Read more

Briefing 42: Beyond the Gate

Only a small proportion of prisoners in England have jobs to go to on release and employment support is too often denied to offenders with mental health problems.Read more

Common mental health problems at work

Common Mental Health Problems at Work examines recent international research evidence on how to help people with depression and anxiety to stay in work or to return after a period of ill health.Read more

Briefing 41: Commissioning what works

Individual Placement and Support, which helps people into paid competitive work, is effective, is good value for money and is affordable to the NHS.Read more