Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

IPS is proven to be the most successful method of supporting people with mental health conditions into employment.Read more

Evidence for IPS

There is substantial research into Individual Placement and Support and here is the evidence.Read more

Online tools for job-seeking

Resources for finding new careers, jobs, internships and apprenticeships, as well as advice about self-employment, welfare and self-disclosure.Read more

The IPS Fidelity Scale

The fidelity scale determines the extent to which an existing employment service is delivery the IPS approach. Test your service against the fidelity scale here.Read more

IPS projects

Centre for Mental Health is involved in several projects which either increase the number of IPS services in the UK or investigate the use of IPS principles in alternative contexts, such as leaving prison.Read more

IPS resources

We have brought together materials to help services develop IPS supported employment or vocational services.Read more

IPS Centres of Excellence

We have selected 17 sites to be Centres of Excellence in supporting people who use mental health services into employment.Read more

Looking for support to return to employment?

Returning to work after a bout of mental illness can be extremely daunting; but you don't have to 'go it alone'.Read more

IPS training courses

We also offer IPS training to help you better deliver your supported employment services and fidelity reviews to help you find out how closely your service is applying the IPS principles.Read more