Mental health at work: The business costs ten years on

The cost of mental health problems to UK employers was almost £35 billion last year.Read more

Investing in children's mental health report

Investing in children's mental health services is excellent value for money and will bring a lifetime of benefits to young people, their families, communities and the economy as a whole.Read more

Investing in recovery

This report provides the most up-to-date economic evidence to support the business case for investment in effective, recovery-focused services.Read more

Welfare advice for people who use mental health services

The report calls for every mental health service to secure specialist welfare advice to help to support recovery and to intervene early when difficulties emerge.Read more

Bridging the gap

A rebalancing of health and care resources is needed to ensure no one is denied the mental or physical health care they need.Read more

Peer support in mental health care: is it good value for money?

This paper makes a first attempt at assessing whether peer support provides value for money, looking specifically at whether peer support workers can reduce psychiatric inpatient bed use.Read more

Long term conditions and mental health: the cost of co-morbidities

Patients with a long-term condition and co-existing mental health issue face poorer clinical outcomes and a significantly lower quality of life than people with a physical health problem alone.Read more

Economic evaluation of a liaison psychiatry service

This report examines the costs and benefits of an award-winning service based at Birmingham City Hospital. The service offers comprehensive, round-the-clock mental health support to all adult patients in the hospital.Read more

Mental health promotion and mental illness prevention: The economic case

Many forms of prevention and early intervention in mental health are outstandingly good value for money and radically improve the quality of people's lives.Read more

What's it worth now?

What's it Worth Now? estimates of social and economic costs of mental health problems in Scotland, with a particular focus on the employment-related costs.Read more