Steve Appleton

Steve Appleton has over 25 years’ experience of working in health and social care, as a practitioner, senior manager and as a consultant.Read more

Dr Jed Boardman

Dr Jed Boardman is a Consultant Psychiatrist with experience of advising on social inclusion, employment and welfare benefit matters.Read more

Stephany Carolan

Stephany Carolan has expertise in service and strategic development and has wide-ranging experience of working across systems to support change.Read more

Eva Cyhlarova

Eva is a research consultant in mental health, health and social care with experience of leading research projects.Read more

Rob Fitzpatrick

Rob Fitzpatrick has worked as a practitioner, action researcher and development manager in the fields of mental health, social care, housing and criminal justice.Read more

Matt Fossey

Matt has worked with the Centre for Mental Health for over 5 years and has a background in social work, health services management and service improvement and strategic development.Read more

Andy Johnston

Andy Johnston has 27 years experience in mental health services and has a track record in developing services and supporting organisations through their workforce.Read more

Marion Kerr

Marion Kerr is a senior health economist with an interest in measuring the quality of healthcare.Read more

Prof. Hilary McCallion CBE

Hilary McCallion is an independent healthcare consultant and an academic and clinical leader in mental health nursing.Read more

Lawrence Moulin

Lawrence Moulin is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and has over 30 years’ experience working in the NHS and at the Department of Health.Read more