Children and young people’s mental health: the evidence

Mental health problems affect one in ten children. Here's an overview of the evidence.Read more

Building the resilience of young African-Caribbean men

Young black men are more likely to experience mental health problems than their white counterparts. We’re working to change this.Read more

Youth justice

Children who end up in custody have multiple needs, many of which go unrecognised and unmet. We've developed a new approach to fix this.Read more

Mental health during and after pregnancy

Perinatal mental health problems have a long-term cost of £8.1 billion for each year of births in the UK.Read more

Child behavioural issues

Around 5% of children have conduct disorder. Parenting programmes are really effective at helping these families to improve their lives and futures.Read more

Investing in children's mental health

A wide range of interventions improve children's mental health but also lead to substantial economic benefits.Read more

The economic case for treating childhood behavioural problems

The benefits of tested interventions far outweigh the costs and have a life-long impact on the children, families and society.Read more


Gang involvement seriously damages young lives. We are researching the impact of a radical new approach to engaging young people involved in gang-related activity.Read more