Against the odds

How can young African Caribbean men's resilience be improved?Read more

Meeting us where we're at

Our evaluation of three projects developed by MAC-UK, working with excluded young peopleRead more

Missed opportunities

We reviewed recent evidence about children's mental health, and found that children wait on average 10 years before receiving help.Read more

Children of the new century

The mental health findings of the Millennium Cohort study of 11-year-olds across the UK.Read more

Investing in children's mental health report

Investing in children's mental health services is excellent value for money and will bring a lifetime of benefits to young people, their families, communities and the economy as a whole.Read more

The lifetime costs of ADHD

The high costs of ADHD support an economic case for early intervention. But despite most families seeking help, only a minority of children receive the appropriate treatment.Read more

Wanting the best for my children

Wanting the best for my children looks at the experiences of parents and how systems might work better to support families managing early behavioural difficulties.Read more

Building a better future

Parenting programmes more than pay for themselves through future savings in public spending, spread across a range of budgets including education, health, social care and criminal justice.Read more

Childhood behavioural problems: briefings for professionals

These briefings set out what childhood behavioural problems are, how to recognise the signs, what can be done, how to engage parents and talks about the referral process. There are nine briefings, each for different professional group.Read more

A need to belong

Girls with links to gangs are, on average, three times more vulnerable than most other children in the Youth Justice system. This report follows the largest study of its kind, analysing risk factors related to offending from more than 8,000 young people.Read more