Mental health services have been subject to far greater financial pressures than most other health services and this has to change, Centre for Mental Health chief executive Sean Duggan said today.

Responding to the King's Fund report Mental health under pressure, Sean Duggan said: "During the last five years mental health services have endured an 8% fall in income while the NHS as a whole has been protected. This has forced service providers to make cuts to care and support.

"Cutting evidence-based services like Early Intervention in Psychosis and Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment undermines quality of care when people need it most. But this should not be confused with the welcome development of recovery-oriented care in many mental health services. Employment support, peer support and welfare advice are not cheap alternatives to traditional mental health care but essential, evidence based approaches to improving people's lives.

"It is vital that every clinical commissioning group is held to account for increasing mental health investment this year and that funds are spent wisely on effective interventions that help people to live their lives."