New funding from the Elliott Simmons Charitable Trust will support Centre for Mental Health to challenge inequalities and improve the lives of people with mental health problems. 

Sarah Hughes, Centre for Mental Health Chief Executive, said:

We are incredibly grateful to the Elliott Simmons Charitable Trust for choosing to support us. We are determined to honour the memory of Elliott Simmons and the significance of his gift by driving change and bringing equality for mental health one step closer.

Mental health, emotional wellbeing and diagnosable mental illness are all deeply interconnected with inequalities in society. The chances of an individual having poor mental health are closely associated with a range of social, economic, ethnic and health inequalities. The support offered for mental health difficulties and the outcomes associated with it are also widely varied.

With the support of the Elliott Simmons Charitable Trust, the Centre will identify the evidence around inequalities, explore specific cases to find out what is known about their causes, and investigate how they might be reduced or eradicated.

The grant will help reduce the time it takes for new evidence to have an impact on mental health policy and services. It will enable the Centre to focus both on areas where we know we need to press for policy change, such as the importance of finding culturally appropriate interventions for under-served communities, and less well understood areas, such as the interface between learning disabilities and mental health.

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