Nathan is a specialist thought leader and Consultant in behaviour change and founder of First Class Legacy.

He helps companies to think differently about how they engage diverse, young people & communities. Nathan does this by utilising a values based approach and theory of change that ensures that both clients & their services users win & get the results they require, by inspiring, empowering and training staff teams on how to improve their engagement & diversity awareness. 

Nathan does this by creating a fun & innovative learning environment that inspires learning & encourages, fresh new ideas creating solutions to problems. 

His strategic thinking and entrepreneurial leadership helps him to navigate through any problem to help others produce solutions. This has had a real impact and produced fantastic results across a wide range of industries, some of which include the Criminal justice system, Health, Education, Arts, Housing & Construction.

Nathan works by a set of values that are central to everything he does. At his core is the love for his wife, children & wanting to leave a First Class Legacy for generations to come by having access to better opportunities & services in life.