The Department of Health (DH) reported that 50% of life time mental illness starts before age 15 and that one in four people will experience mental health problems each year. More recently it has been found that 75% of children and young people (CYPs) receive no mental health support at all. Even with £9.2 billion spent annually by the NHS for mental health services, poor service delivery has contributed to reports suspecting the UK sees 15-20 years shorter life expectancy for those with severe problems. 

To take action, February 2016 saw The Children and Young People's (CYPs) Mental Health and Wellbeing Taskforce announce a £1 billion commitment to ensure a million more CYPs gain more help and support. Since December 2015 the DE and NHS England have committed a combined £3 million to fund mental health services and school links pilots across 255 schools and 22 pilots. Funding is now also available to fulfil ambitions outlines in Closing the Gap: Priorities for Essential Change in Mental Health, for the right provisions in service delivery to aid and foster young health minds. 

This timely symposium will be critical for delegates to engage with the newly available funding for schools and clinical commissioning groups as well as to better understand the government proposals for transforming access and delivery of services in mental health services and provisions available in schools. 


The Delivering Transformation in Children and Young people's Mental Health Services forum provides an invaluble interface to analyse the progress made in implementing the government strategies for promoting CYPs mental health, whilst examining ways in which to identify warning signs for children at higher risk of mental health problems. Delegates will learn from the best practice examples around better mental health service delivery and explore the vital role of multi-agency working in supporting parents and services to ensure realistic change. 


Delegates who will have an interest in this forum will include CAMHS practitioners, commissioning managers, school nurses and health visitors. directors of children's services, quality improvement directors, mental health clinical leads and will be drawn from central and local government, NHS local authorities, charities, schools and collages as well as the academic, private and voluntary sector. 

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