Our Chief Executive Sarah Hughes will be chairing the conference, and Dr Graham Durcan will be speaking on Continuity of Care and offenders.

"With approximately 85,000 people, both male and female, populating the prisons around the United Kingdom, understanding the need for adequate mental health care should be a priority. With the costs of keeping a single prisoner locked up amounting to almost £40,000 per year, focusing on more effective mental health care to address issues regarding criminal behaviour can save the state millions of pounds. The aim of this event should be two-fold: firstly, focusing on dealing with the mental health behaviours of people that make them repeat offenders, in order that they can be reintegrated into society, and secondly, dealing with the poor mental health services available for offenders during the duration of their custody or sentence.

This one-day conference will bring together leading authorities from the NHS, Police, Courts, Prisons, Voluntary Organisations and psychologists working with criminals. The primary focus is to promote mental health and wellbeing for individuals who get caught up with the criminal justice system. Due to the difficulty in understanding or knowing the various needs of those in the criminal justice system, these professionals are partnering up with us to deliver this conference to shed light on the demands, the lack and the focus of mental health care in this system. Additionally, they will cover the challenges, opportunities and advantages of their various organisations. Their goal is to inevitably create a criminal justice system which is more coordinated, with a well-implemented, integrated and focused mental health care plan for those in their system, not only for offenders, but also for staff and other personnel."