Workplace training

The cost of mental health problems to business is just over £1,000 per employee per year. Our Workplace Training can save you around 30% of these costs.

Centre for Mental Health Workplace Training is a proven, work-based programme that helps organisations more effectively manage mental health in the workplace and avoid the costs associated with prolonged absences, presenteeism, reduced productivity and replacing / retraining staff.

Delivered by accredited mental health professionals, the training is designed to build the skills and confidence of managers and staff to recognise the early warning signs of common mental health problems and support colleagues they are concerned about. There are four training workshops each aimed at different staff groups, including the executive team, staff and people managers.

"Of all the things we have done at Rolls-Royce to improve employee health this is one of the best initiatives in this area."
Ian Lawson, Rolls-Royce

Preview the course content

The slides give you a preview of what the course covers, based on what's in the Senior Executive briefing.

Many organisations have benefited from our training. The two- or three-hour modules are held at your own training venues and response from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, such as:

"The course provided our management team with a valuable insight into this sensitive and often difficult to manage subject. It was very well presented with thought provoking, excellent practical materials used."
Darren Jones, HR Manager, CROWN Aerosols UK

The modules are delivered by accredited facilitators who all have a degree-level qualification in mental health. The training quickly raises awareness of the issues and helps leaders identify, speak with and encourage access to treatment for staff with potential mental health problems. Organisations which implement the knowledge and skills delivered through our training lay the foundation to benefit from reduced costs of sickness absence, presenteeism and the need to replace staff who leave after experiencing mental health problems.

"If people feel good then they will perform better at work"
Dr Su Wang, former Group Head of Health, Royal Mail


Line manager awarenesss, business impact and action
3 hour course, 25 employees

Employee awareness to action
2 hour course, 25 employees

Organisational awareness
1 hour course, 100 employees

These prices are the basic rates but for all but the smallest organisations, we will develop a package that suits your requirements for a single price.

To get the training

For more information on how to book Centre for Mental Health Workplace Training please contact David Lyon on or Jan Hutchinson on, or telephone 020 7827 8300.


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