Cultural Sensitivity Audit Tool

For Mental Health Services

How can mental health services ensure that they effectively meet the needs of service users from minority ethnic groups?

This evaluation tool is essential for service providers to identify strengths and weaknesses within their locality. It consists of interview schedules - one for staff and one for service users - with guidance on conducting the research and evaluating findings.

The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health developed this audit tool as a part of an evaluation of the cultural sensitivity of inpatient and community services in London and it was subsequently piloted in Middlesborough.

The tool can be adapted to local needs.

Below are the Guidelines, the Case Study and the User and Staff Schedules.

Download Cultural Sensitivity Booklet 1 - Guidelines (487 KB)

Download Cultural Sensitivity Booklet 2 - Case Study (498 KB)

Download Cultural Sensitivity Schedule for Users (74 KB)

Download Cultural Sensitivity Schedule for Staff (66 KB)

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  • Sathyamoorthy, G., Minghella, E., Robertson, D., Bhui, K. & Ford, R.
  • 15 May 2001
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  • ISBN: 1 870480 50 3
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