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At Centre for Mental Health we want people facing or living with mental ill health to have a fairer chance in life. Our work has acted as catalyst to change the way government, public services, charities, employers and the media respond to mental health. But we have much more to do.

The Centre has a unique role to play. As an independent charity our mission is to inform policy and practice based on high-quality evidence, presented impartially, and often collaboratively.

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How mental health fits in to the new NHS structure

In the new NHS structure, the responsibility for commissioning health services no longer rests with the Department of Health. These are the new bodies taking over these functions.

See our diagram of the new organisations to see the full picture.

Briefing 46: The NHS Mandate and its implications for mental health

The NHS mandate sets out in clear terms how the NHS can improve the way we treat long-term conditions and tackle health inequalities.

The briefing outlines key actions for NHS England and clinical commissioning groups including expanding IAPT services, addressing access and waiting times for mental health care and commissioning integrated support for people with co-existing physical and mental health conditions.

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