Prisoners on remand have higher levels of mental ill health

02 August 2012

"Today's report from HM Inspector of Prisons on the needs of remand prisoners is a stark reminder of the need for improved diversion arrangements for people with mental health conditions and for continued action to build better mental health support within our prisons.

"The report found high levels of mental ill health and of self-harm and suicidal thoughts among remand prisoners. Remand prisoners are extremely vulnerable and they need high quality mental health support throughout their time in prison.

"Effective diversion arrangements should lead to a significant reduction in the use of remand by identifying people with mental health conditions or learning difficulties when they are in police custody. Particularly for women and children even a short spell in prison can damage their mental health and family life.

"Today's report is a reminder of the importance of diversion to criminal justice reform and of the need for effective and fully funded mental health services in our prisons."

Beyond the Gate (Briefing 42)

Beyond the gate cover image It is possible to support people with mental health problems and offending histories into mainstream employment, from whichever part of the criminal justice system they are in.

Beyond the Gate uses real examples from employers, prisons and probation services across England to sets out five elements of effective practice in securing employment for offenders.


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