Mental and physical health

As the NHS Mandate now recognises, there is a strong association between mental and physical ill health. People who have a long term physical health condition are more than twice as likely to have a mental health problem as the general population and are more likely to die early.

We have been working with partners to review the evidence on the cost of such co-morbidities as well as carrying out related research on liaison psychiatry. Our work has shown how to improve care and make better use of scarce resources.

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Michael Parsonage's HSJ article onthe case for more community-based liaison psychiatry services.

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Outcomes and performance in liaison psychiatry

Cover of Outcomes and performance in liaison psychiatry report

Psychological medicine, and the liaison psychiatrists and teams who deliver it, are key to the future integrated management of long term medical conditions as well as mental health conditions presenting outside formal mental health settings.

Psychiatric service models that seek to bring its benefits to the people in our acute care hospitals and medical and surgical care pathways have struggled to defend their value for the want of adequate measures of outcome.

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Managing patients with complex needs

This report reviews an innovative service that helps GPs in Hackney support people who fall through the gaps in existing service provision. It finds that it improves health at the same time as reducing costs in both primary and secondary care services. Short on time? Read the summary.

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