About us

At Centre for Mental Health we want people facing or living with mental ill health to have a fairer chance in life. But the lives of people with mental health conditions continue to be harder, poorer and shorter than they should be. 

The Centre has a unique role to play. As an independent charity our mission is to inform policy and practice based on high-quality evidence, presented impartially, and often collaboratively.

Our mission

Centre for Mental Health is an independent national mental health charity. We aim to inspire hope, opportunity and a fair chance in life for people of all ages living with or at risk of mental ill health. We act as a bridge between the worlds of research, policy and service provision and believe strongly in the importance of high-quality evidence and analysis.

We encourage innovation and advocate for change in policy and practice through focused research, development and training. We work collaboratively with others to promote more positive attitudes in society towards mental health conditions and those who live with them.

Areas of work

Our main work areas are:
  • Children: we undertake work which aims to improve the life chances of children through the support they need early in life.
  • Criminal justice: we identify effective methods of supporting and diverting people with mental health problems in the criminal justice system.
  • Economics: we research and analyse the costs of providing services and the benefits to the people they help.
  • Employment: we develop and promote new ways of helping people with mental health problems get and keep work.
  • Mental and physical health: we work on the areas where mental and psychical health conditions overlap, such as liaison psychiatry, and campaign for parity of esteem for mental health.
  • Recovery: we help mental health services across the UK to support people more effectively to make their own lives better on their own terms.

We also offer a range of evidence-based services to help organisations develop and change:

Company limited by guarantee, registered in England number: 4373019

Registered Office: Maya House, 134-138 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LB

Charity number: 1091156

VAT number: 974 8602 78

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