Immigration Removal Centres in England

We analysed the mental health needs of people detained in Immigration Removal Centres.Read more

Meeting the need

We explored how five local councils went about understanding the mental health needs of their communities, to meet these needs more effectively.Read more

Traumatic brain injury and offending

Over a million people in the UK live with the consequences of traumatic brain injury, at a cost to the economy of around £15 billion a year.Read more

Missed opportunities

We reviewed recent evidence about children's mental health, and found that children wait on average 10 years before receiving help.Read more

Briefing 49: A basic need

Recent changes to housing policy have affected housing benefits and the provision of affordable housing. There are concerns that they will adversely affect those living with severe and enduring mental health problems.Read more

More than shelter

Having somewhere to live in which we feel secure is essential to our physical and mental health.Read more

Preventing prison suicide

We're working with the Howard League for Penal Reform to prevent suicide in prisons. Through interviewing people with current or previous experience of prison, we explored what contributes to vulnerability and risk of suicide in prison.Read more

Mental health and criminal justice

90% of people in prison have some form of mental health problem. We conducted a nationwide consultation to explore how the mental health of the prison population can be improved.Read more

A Day in the Life

What happens when you ask people who live with mental health difficulties to write about their everyday life? A Day in the Life did just that.Read more

Employment in mind: The Poppy Factory employability service and veterans with mental health conditions

Our report found that ex-Service personnel with a serious mental health condition are nearly three times more likely to find and stay in work, if they are supported through Individual Placement and Support (IPS).Read more