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  • Children wait ten years for mental health support, says review from Centre for Mental Health

    We released a new report today highlighting that the majority of children and young people with mental health issues wait too long for support. Read more

  • Briefing 49: A basic need

    Recent changes to housing policy have affected housing benefits and the provision of affordable housing. There are concerns that they will adversely affect those living with severe and enduring mental health problems. Read more

  • More than shelter

    Having somewhere to live in which we feel secure is essential to our physical and mental health. Read more

  • Preventing prison suicide

    We're working with the Howard League for Penal Reform to prevent suicide in prisons. Through interviewing people with current or previous experience of prison, we explored what contributes to vulnerability and risk of suicide in prison. Read more

  • Mental health and criminal justice

    90% of people in prison have some form of mental health problem. We conducted a nationwide consultation to explore how the mental health of the prison population can be improved. Read more

Our work

  • Our Work

    Children & Young People

    1 in 5 children will experience a mental health problem at some point during childhood, but many do not get effective and timely support. We’re working to change this…

    Criminal Justice

    90% of prisoners have a mental health or substance misuse problem; we’re working to ensure more get the right help where and when they need it…


    Our economic analysis demonstrates both the human and financial costs of mental health problems, and highlights how much money society could save through better support


    The majority of people with mental health problems want to work, but often the support they need is not available. We’re making sure more people get the right help when they want it…

    Physical & Mental Health

    Physical health problems make mental health problems worse, and vice versa. We're finding ways to fix this by understanding how these complex needs can be better addressed together


    Recovery means enabling people to live the lives they want with or without the symptoms of mental health problems

    Military Veterans

    Most former Service people make a successful transition to civilian life but some experience mental health problems and we’re finding ways to offer them effective help

    Changing policy

    We have been changing and influencing mental health policy for 30 years and we're still doing so....